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About Us


Naan Guys only uses its own special blends of spices without the use of any preservatives. Our authentic sauces are prepared inhouse from the finest ethnic spices. We proudly DO NOT use any premixed boxed spices.


Our mission is to be the neighbourhood choice for our guests and their families, proudly providing a unique and authentic homemade flavour, using only the freshest and finest ingredients possible.

History and Facts

For many a meal is not complete without a fresh, fluffy naan bread. First mentioned by Indo-Persian poet Amir Kushrau in 1300AD, its name originate from the Persian word for ‘food’. During the Moghul era, Naan was a favourite breakfast dish of the Royals served alongside kebabs and keema. Naan was originally cooked at the Imperial Court as naan-e-tunuk (light bread) and naan-e-tanuri (cooked in a tandoor oven). William Tooke introduced Naan to the western world in 1799. The Tandoor (Clay) Oven can reach temperatures of about 900° F (480° C)
Guinness World Records; Ashton-under-Lyne’s Indian Ocean restaurant managed to turn out 640 naan breads in an hour with a team of five in 2009 The record for the world’s largest naan bread was set by Canada’s Loblaw Companies Ltd in 2016: measuring 4.96m long and 1.26m wide and weighing 32Kg.

Naan (Guys) Journey;

From traditional Tandoor to the Kitchen of the Future (KOF) technology, our naan retains the traditional flavour and sumptuous taste. The KOF means that each naan comes out consistent in quality and texture day after day.

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